Sasuba Hookah Equipment

SASUBA Hookah Equipment.

SASUBA is an acronym for Surface Air Supply Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

The patent pending, unique SASUBA scuba tank float, keeps the heavy air tank freely floating while delivering air down the SASUBA diver’s hose for breathing underwater – to 7 meters.


Complete Kit (1 User): US$ 1,190 *
Complete Kit (2 User): US$ 1,549 *

* Prices do not include a Scuba Tank or tank valve. We recommend that you purchase one locally to save on the freight costs. A tank and valve can start from about US$ 170 (depending on supplier, quality and size).


Is the toughest, most fail-safe, simplest hooka diving product on the market.

SASUBA Hookah diving equipment is the ultimate hooka diving system, totally unique and supremely rugged in its construction, simplicity, almost zero maintenence, and versatility of use.

SASUBA Business or private uses include:

  • Tourism marine sports activity.
  • Personal recreation diving.
  • Private or commercial boat maintenence.
  • Swimming pool maintenence.
  • Driving underwater power tools.
  • Rentals.

SASUBA product is so tough that it makes the perfect rental equipment for marina or dive shops. On return, simply wash with fresh water and hang to dry ready for the next hire.

Did you know SCUBA is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus?
and so we also have SASUBA as an acronym for Surface Air Supply Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Actually from the surface and down to a diver, all Hookah Diving Equipment has the same function ie supplying air via a hose to a breathing regulator.
Above the surface, there are several air supply methods offerred by companies such as Powerdive, Brownies Third Lung, Airline.

These all use a mechanical system, electric or petrol driven air pump to push the air down to the diver.
Snuba International uses compressed tank air supply supported on an inflatable floating raft.

SASUBA offers a mechanical-free system whereby we simply use the compressed air in a standard scuba tank, floating at the surface to supply air to the diver. The float is designed as to encase the tank completely and is unsinkable.

The SASUBA system has no moving parts so cannot mechanically fail. The float is made from approved life jacket foam and so cannot sink and is entirely padded so cannot damage or mark boat decks or paint work.

The regulators, hoses, connection fittings, float materials are all fully certified for air breathing use (see the Components page for more details). Hoses float to avoid snagging and increased visibility. No toxic emmissions or bad taste when left in hot sunshine and are not damaged by chemicals or petroleum products.

The down-side is that users require access to an air compressor or extra scuba tanks for extended operation.