Commercial and Business Opportunities

For a small investment in quality hookah diving equipment there are many ways to make a successful business, be your own boss, work from anywhere without large overheads, close for the low season, work full or part time.

Business Ideas include:


Marine Sports

There are hundreds of snorkeling and dive companies who could make much more on-selling SASUBA Hookah Diving to their day guests.


Boat Maintenance

Our Sea Hookah equipment is a great choice to have onboard for quick and easy hull cleaning, port inspection and clearing and other odd jobs under the waterline.
Boat service businesses can use SASUBA or Deck Snorkel instead of scuba gear with greater freedom of movement and two divers can use one tank or air pump. Hookah equipment is also much lighter and easier to carry and fit on than scuba gear.


Dive Training

Hookah equipment allows a newcomer to learn the basic skills of diving without the heavy, cumbersome scuba gear which many can find intimidating and restrictive on first try.
Important skills such as controlled breathing, mask clearing, mask refit, ear squeeze, regulator retrieval, and hand signals can be learned in the comfort zone before introducing the BCD use for neutralizing buoyancy due to heavy tanks and extra dive weights.


Underwater Inspection Services

Keep in mind that if things do not work out with your business plan, you can sell or rent your SASUBA gear as you please. In Thailand, we have no trouble getting $30/ day renting SASUBA gear, tanks are extra. There is almost zero maintenance, virtually indestructible and will last for thousands of rentals. SASUBA is the perfect rental equipment.

If you have any interest any Sea Hookah products for business use then please contact us.

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