Sea Hookah

We are the manufacturer and distributor of SASUBA™ Hookah Diving equipment and supplier for Powersnorkel and Deck snorkel 12v hooka dive products.

Reasons to do Hookah Diving?

Recreational Use

The first few meters of depth has the best natural lighting with an abundant and colorful marine life, so why go further until you have explored this area? It has very easy access from the beach or boat, very easy to use and safe for everyone.

With the freedom of snorkeling you get to spend time down under. Time to see more and time to let the wonderful life memory of breathing under the water enthrall you.

Commercial Use

Hookah diving is perfect for those times you need to quickly and easily get under the surface and do some maintenance work on a boat or submerged structure. From clearing props on a boat, fixing moorings to rescue of trapped people – it can be used for all of these.

Our SASUBA system can even drive underwater power tools!

Why not Scuba Diving?

Scuba diving is a fantastic sport and everybody should try it at least once. So much of the enjoyment and fun of hookah diving is the same as scuba diving but taking away the bulky equipment, take away the extensive training needed due to safety issues at the greater depths and take away the higher costs, take away the long boat trips, take away the strong currents…. and you have Hookah Diving!

Actually Hookah diving is the perfect introduction to Scuba diving.


Sea Hookah

Some history of Hookah Diving, sometimes referred to as Surface Air Supply?

Hookah diving equipment has changed from the cumbersome metal helmets, canvas and rubber heavy suits with weighted boots of yesteryear (see picture on left <<), through a newer version that still uses a helmet (see right >>) up to modern gear that fits into a sports bag and takes less than a minute to unpack, strap on and go under the water!

Is Hookah Diving redefined snorkeling or shallow water scuba diving?

Having the weightless freedom of a snorkeler and the capacity to breathe underwater like a scuba diver, Hookah equipment provides a multitude of uses.
It is one of the most underrated marine sports activities with great potential as a commercial tourism activity, a private recreational pursuit or boat, marina and pool maintenance tool.

We have the technologies to breathe under water to amazing depths however in our case we are promoting hookah equipment suited from the surface to about only 7 meters depth.

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